Fine Hair

What is the right length for fine hair?

The best length for fine hair is to the collar bone or shorter. Simply because your thickness does not support length past your shoulder. The goal is to make your fine hair look full as can be.

What is the right length for fine hair?

I always use scissors, not thinning shears, and prefer to do a blunt cut to make the hair look thicker. If you like the look of layers, limit them to around your face; they will give the feeling of more layers but will keep the thickness to provide the volume you need. Because fine hair is even thinner around the hairline, bangs are a good solution to create the look of greater volume.

How do I add volume to my fine hair?

If you have fine hair, I recommend you use volumizing products—including shampoos, sprays, and creams—that don’t contain alcohol, which will make your hair dry and lifeless. Styling products should be applied when hair is soaking wet, and it’s best to air-dry your hair until it’s mostly dry before using a blow-dryer and brush. Be sure to always use a small brush and small-size rollers when styling, and don’t over-dry: The less heat you use, the more body you will have.