Your Healthiest Hair Ever

Hair styles and haircuts come and go in the beauty industry; there is always a new “it” do to try, but one of the most timeless ways to look and feel glamorous is to keep your hair healthy. Healthy hair looks good in any color and any style. Blow drying, curling, flat ironing and heavy products can do extreme damage to your hair in a short period of time. If you’re looking to recover your look, here are a couple things to try:

Keep it Trimmed – Probably everywhere you look, you will see a recommendation to keep your locks trimmed. Raggedy, split ends not only slow down your hair growth, but they can make your entire style look dry and unkempt. Try trimming your hair every four to six weeks, even a half an inch can make a major difference.

Take a Break – Give your hair a break! Have you ever noticed some weeks when you’re extra rough on your hair and it feels like it could break off in your hands? Your hair can easily take too much heat and start to become brittle and burned. Try giving yourself a few weeks off from the heat. Try new hairstyles that work with air drying, like pinning your hair into small buns and letting them dry into big waves. If your hair is naturally curly or frizzy, use a bit of product, but try to steer clear of heavy hair sprays, mousses and gels.

Healthiest HairEver

Diet – Healthy hair, just like a healthy body, starts from within. Drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet will help your skin, nails and hair look and feel stronger. Properly hydrating your body will help you get rid of toxins, while keeping your hair looking it’s best. Healthy fats are also important in keeping your hair healthy, and a diet rich on salmon, avocados and nuts will help bring life to your hair.

Deep Condition – First we tell you to lay off the hair products and now we say you need them? That’s right, deep conditioners can work magic on dry, straw-like strands. Some provide extra vitamins and proteins that dry hair definitely needs. As Best of Westchester Hair Salon, our favorites are Oribe’s Signature Moisture Masque, which is a great soak for deep-hydration and Bumble & Bumble Deep Conditioner, which is filled with silk and Panthenol, and turns burned out hair into super soft tresses after your first use.